Project Description

The slicing machine is designed to slice the olives in the same form and thickness once the pips are removed. Depending on the olive quality, it is possible to obtain the good quality of slicing by 95%. It is prevented to give the damage by the olives of which the pips are not removed and those olives are separated by the machine in order not to mix those with the sliced olives. The machine is completely produced in the quality of stainless including the drums coated with special rubber. Every component is designed to resist against the abrasion thus a healthy and practical operation of the machine is ensured.


  • Special rubber conveyor band
  • 72 pcs slicing knives
  • Knife washing system
  • AİSİ 304 body
  • Engine power 0.75 kw
  • Stainless steel knives
  • 900-1200 kg/h max capacity
  • 380v
  • Ip 65 power switch

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