Project Description

This machine which is designed to make labeling between diameters of 80 to 220, is suitable to attach a fully or half label onto the packaging.


  • The machineis completely made of stainless material of 304K
  • The machine works as a linear
  • Bottle diameter between 80 and 220 is suitable to work
  • Conveyor speed is done by ainvert
  • Machine will be manufactured according to the package to be given
  • Designed for round packaging
  • Glue pump is working as pneumatic
  • Labels from label cassettes are not given when there is not any bottle
  • Excess glue is peeled and returned into the glue pump
  • To increase the viscosity of the glue heater system available
  • Electrical panel is on the same body with the machine
  • Operating system is mechanical and pneumatic
  • Working pressure is 6 bar and machine will not operate unless there is sufficient air

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