Project Description

This machine designed to remove the olive pips in any kind is produced with 24 knives. It is enable to process the max 2900 olives /min. The machine is designed electronic controlled in order to adjust the speed upon request. Completely stainless steel and quality engineering plastics are used in the production of those machines. Thanks to the qualified lubrication system, the abrasion defects are reduced at minimum level thus healthy and long life of machines can be offered to the consumers.


  • 24 driller knives
  • 2900 pcs / min max capacity
  • Running between 180 and 420 calibrated space.
  • Sensor controlled feeding band
  • Engine Power 1.5 Kw
  • 380V
  • Electronic speed controlled
  • AISI 304 Crni body
  • 3 pcs of calibration disk
  • PVC band approved by FDA
  • Ip 65 plastic electrical board

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