Project Description

This 24-bladed machine removes core of olives and fill it with pepper paste. Machine can remove 2100 olive cores per minutes and fill the olives with pepper paste at the same time. It is also possible to use lemon peel, orange, cheese, jalapeno, garlic and almond as paste for filing with this machine, if desired. The machine has timed automatic lubrication system to minimize wear. The machine that is properly fed with sensor-controlled feeding conveyor will stop operating by giving warning when there is no olives or ribbon pepper. Machine and pepper drive speed settings are fully maintained by fully automatic LCD touch screen.


  • 24 driller knives
  • 2100 pcs / min max capacity
  • Touch screen
  • Sensor-controlled feeding conveyor
  • Sensor controlled pepper feeding conveyor
  • Sensitive pepper filling system
  • 4 units calibration discs
  • 304 stainless stell body
  • Washing system connected to machine
  • Timed lubrication system

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