Our company was founded by Nazmi Tutkun in 1984.  Nazmi Tutkun was born in Kırcaali County of Bulgaria in 1945 and immigrated to Turkey in 1951.  After apprenticeship, he became a lathe craftsman and emigrated to Germany in 1969. In 1984, he came back to Turkey and founded TUTKUN MAKINA in Izmir. After a short time, he manufactured olive pip remover machine for the first time in Turkey and went into the olive processing machine sector. In 1995, his son, Bulent Tutkun got involved in the company and the company has grown more since then and became a well known company in all of the countries in which there is olive sector thanks to the exports carried out. The company has been dealing with CNC machine manufacturing in an indoor area of 4000 m2 with 45 specialist employees by applying the latest technology. TUTKUN MAKINA has been carrying out the production and installation of the machinery and components in conformity with the quality control procedures.  Accordingly, the company has ISO-9001 Certificate and CE Label.

By means of its experience and technical proficiency, it can, skillfully, produce the machinery and projects required by the customers. The scope of business of TUTKUN MAKINA is the machinery used for the processing of table-olive. Some of the machineries are as follows: Olive pitting machine, Desimeter group, Slicing, Stemming, Olive Sieving Machine, Scratching and Cutting Machines, Selection Bands, various sizes and types conveyor bands, Pulp machine, Olive Transfer Pump, and other special machinery required for olive processing. The machinery is not only used in the domestic market but also in the foreign market by the companies that produce table-olive.

Machineries produced by TUTKUN MAKINA are used in the U.S.A as well  as Mediterranean countries where olive is produced commonly.
The company gives 7 days 24 hours non-stop service along with its technical staff. Because the customers who have production 24 hours per day, the technical support is not time limited in order to minimize any production losses due to possible breakdowns.

Founded by Nazmi Tutkun.